Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Foods that Help Fight Disease

Eat these foods and you not only will ward off health problems but you will take a great stab at fighting certain existing health problems.

1. Prunes - do not wrinkle your nose at this one.

Studies show that eating up to 12 prunes per day can actually fight osteoporosis by increasing bone density up to 3% in one year (better than medicines can do). A recent study conducted by Oklahoma State University showed that there were increases in serum markers of bone formation in post menopausal women after eating the prunes for just 3 months.

Prunes also have high amounts of vitamin A and both soluble and insoluble fiber. These also contribute significantly your well being.

2. Not one but 2 apples per day will do the trick (or 75 grams of dried apples). The pectin in these will help increase your good cholesterol levels.

3. Watermelon is loaded with lutein. Two large slices of watermelon daily will help improve your body's circulatory system.

4. Flax oil will reduce the amount of sticky build up leading to arteriosclerosis. Two teaspoons of the seeds daily will also give you another source of fiber.

5. One ounce of soy per day will improve osteoarthritis. I have found that a tasty way to meet this soy requirement is to drink vanilla soy milk by Silk. One cup contains 6.25 grams of soy protein, 30 percent of your daily calcium requirement, 50% of your vitamin B12 requirement, 30% of vitamin D, and 30% of the riboflavin you need. Not bad for only 100 calories.

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