Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work at Home is a Good Fit for People with Fibro and Other Physical Challenges

Times are indeed tough. There is a lot of competition out there for jobs. Stress levels are at an all time high. A lot of the stress comes from having lost a sense of control in one's life. People need to find small ways to get that control back. This will help one focus on "can do" things instead of being overwhelmed by negatives; no matter what causes them.

If you are unemployed and/or have special reasons for not working outside of your home you should consider starting an online business. You don't have to be an internet guru and buy all the internet marketing products in order to succeed. Simply hire someone who has taken the route to becoming knowledgeable about online marketing. Put your focus on your business and your interests and outsource whatever is necessary but exists outside of your expertise.

During my hiatus from this blog (which is fun for me) I developed a marketing team to do just that for small businesses and solopreneurs (well that was fun too;). I going to put some clips in from a post I made on another blog I have so you can see the offer I made there for Update Small Business.

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